Saturday, March 1, 2014

A New Leaf

I have gone through a lot of changes within the last couple months.  Trust me some big ones.  My now focus will be me.  Loosing weight, eating healthy and getting finances in order.  That means more exercise, better eating and no more silly spending and using what I have here.  Especially my crafting items.

I am a Scrapbooker, Cardmaker, Crocheter, Knitter, CrossStitcher plus I want to learn how to Quilt.  How many others find themselves doing every kind of craft out there.  I also love to cook.  So that is the kind of stuff you be seeing here.  I love comments so please bring them on.

Thank you for sharing all these adventures with me and have a great day :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jennifer! I know changes are a challenge sometimes but people will be there to cheer you on with pompoms! :)

    Ummm...yea the crafting thing...sometimes I go from one thing to another... lol can't crochet or knit. Although it is something I will learn eventually and will turn into another one of my costly obsessions *sigh* here's the thing... I have supplies for a lot of different things crafts and such that I haven't even started yet. How bad is that...LOL

    Don't forget to a followers gadget so people have option of ways to follow you like me :)